Teardown Report: SlimQ 150W DC+2C Fast Gallium Nitride (GaN) Charger F150

shoumudashen, February 20,2022

SlimQ has previously launched a 240W DC+2C port gallium nitride charger . The DC output port is specially prepared for notebook charging, and the two USB-C ports support fast charging of various digital devices, which is the best way to charge high-power notebooks. select.

However, this time, it is another product of the brand - 150W DC+2C fast charging gallium nitride charger F150. Overall, although the power is smaller than the one mentioned above, it is fortunate that It can take into account the DC+2C configuration and portability at the same time. In addition, the brand has equipped this charger with a wealth of accessories, which is more suitable for carrying out.

charging head network has already evaluated this charger before . Let's continue to share the disassembly of the product with you to see how the new work of SlimQ , a well-known charger brand, is of quality.

  1. SlimQ150W Gallium Nitride Charger Appearance

The SlimQ brand, product appearance, name and interface configuration are printed on the front of the package .


The back is printed with a schematic diagram of the charger that can be adapted to the device, including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Switch, etc., as well as product parameter information.

Open the package, it contains a charger, four-pin adapter, DC charging cable, power extension cable and manual, and the accessories are quite rich.


SlimQ The 150W gallium nitride charger adopts a square shape design, the shell is frosted, and the front and back continue the family-style fabric design. The overall look is very recognizable.

SlimQ brand logo on the side of the fuselage . HYPERLINK "" \o "View all posts in SlimQ" \t "_blank"

The charger comes with a foldable US plug .

The charger parameters are also printed on the input shell

Model: F150

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 2A

USB-C1/C2 output: 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V5A

DC output: Max 150W , 20V7.5A

DC+C1+C2 output: Max 150W

The charger has passed CE, FCC, UKCA and RoHS certification.

The output is equipped with two USB-C ports and a DC port.

The measured length of the charger body is 76.2mm.

The width is 78.01mm.

The thickness is 29.97mm.

Compared with the Apple 140W charger, it is even smaller.

Net weight is about 325g.

comes with British , European , Australian and other conversion plugs , which is convenient for users to switch between business trips.

chargers are inevitably unstable, and SlimQ also carefully prepared an extension power cord to easily turn the wall charger into a desktop charger.

It also comes with a DC charging cable, so consumers don't need to buy it separately.

List of actual usage scenarios of the product.

The end-to-end length of the power cord was measured to be approximately 179cm.

The DC cable length is approximately 151cm.

Using ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002 , the USB-C1 port supports Apple 2.4A, Samsung 5V2A, DCP protocols, and QC2.0/3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, PE2.0, PD3.0, and PPS fast charging protocols.

The PDO message shows that the C1 port also has five fixed voltage ranges of 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, and 20V5A, and a set of PPS voltage ranges of 3.3-21V3A.

It is measured that the C2 port compatible protocol is exactly the same.

The PDO message is also the same, that is, the output performance of the two C ports is exactly the same, and the power blind insertion is supported, which is convenient to use.

  1. Dismantling of SlimQ 150W GaN charger

Disassemble the fuselage shell and ultrasonically weld the package.

The front of the PCBA module is covered with a green thermal pad to help dissipate heat.

The entire module is filled with glue , but the components on the front can still be basically seen.

The back of the PCB board is different, except for the edge area of the output end, all of which are covered by thermally conductive adhesive.

the thermal conductive glue to facilitate the next observation, and there is an insulating plate isolation between the primary and secondary .

The measured module length is 70.38mm.

The width is 71.56mm.

The thickness is 22.42mm.

The front of the PCB board is at a glance. The right side is equipped with a device for inputting the EMI filter and rectifier circuit, the right side is equipped with a PFC boost and LLC switching power supply circuit, and a small board is welded at the output end.

The back of the board is at a glance, the right side is equipped with the controller and MOS tube of the PFC boost and LLC switching power supply circuit.

Through observation, it is found that this charger adopts the PFC+LLC switching power supply architecture design. The two identical DC-DC secondary step-down circuits are respectively responsible for the output control of the two C ports, and the MCU realizes the intelligent power distribution. Let's start with the input side to understand the information of each device.

List of input terminals, two-stage common mode inductor design, central filter inductor jacketed with insulating tube, and four high-voltage filter electrolytic capacitors on the front edge.

The time delay fuse is from Sapphire, and the specification is 4A 250V.

Close-up of 10D561K varistor for input overvoltage protection.

The common mode inductor is double-wound to filter out EMI interference.

The safety X capacitor is from Chengxi Electronics , with a capacity of 0.68μF .

A close-up of another common mode inductor.

Close-up of KBJ1506L rectifier bridge.

Red film filter capacitor close-up, 155J450V.

Close-up of the filter inductor.

The main control chip power supply capacitor is from Huarong Weiye, and the specification is 25V 47μF.

The primary controller adopts NXP NXP TEA2016AAT , built-in LLC controller and PFC controller, built-in digital architecture control, which simplifies the design while reducing the number of peripheral components, and the chip has built-in multiple perfect protection functions.

PFC boost switch tube adopts Nano Micro NV6117 GaNFast power chip, which has built-in driver and complex logic control circuit, 120mΩ on-resistance, withstand voltage 650V, supports 2MHz switching frequency, adopts 5*6mm QFN package, saves area, NV6117 also has built-in driver, no external driver required, saving PCB space.

Nano Micro NV6117 details.

The charging head network learned through dismantling that the Nanowei GaNFast power chip has been previously used by OPPO 50W biscuit gallium nitride fast charge , Xiaomi 65W 1A1C gallium nitride fast charge charger , Nubia 65W deuterium front three -port gallium nitride fast charge , Lenovo YOGA 130W dual USB-C port fast charging , Anker 65W gallium nitride charger (League of Legends version) and other well-known brands are used in dozens of products .

Tyco Tianrun G5S06506QT silicon carbide diode, withstand voltage 650V, DFN8*8 package, maximum operating temperature 150℃, used for PFC boost rectification.

A close-up of the PFC boost inductor.

The four high-voltage filter electrolytic capacitors use Yongming KCX series, and the specifications are 400V 33μF. This series of products has an operating temperature range of -55℃~105℃, a life span of 3000 hours, and has performance advantages such as lightning resistance, low leakage current (low standby power consumption), high ripple current, high frequency and low impedance.

The charging head network has learned that with the characteristics of small size, Yongming KCX series electrolytic capacitors are also used by Bull 65W gallium nitride fast charge , Philips 65W gallium nitride fast charge socket , Momis 65W 2C1A gallium nitride fast charge charger , Youbi 30W 1A1C gallium nitride fast charging charger , Beijing-made 65W 1A1C gallium nitride fast charging charger , Nubia 65W 2C1A deuterium front gallium nitride fast charging and other products have been adopted, and have been unanimously recognized by customers .

There are also resonant inductors, resonant capacitors and transformers on the side.

A close-up of the resonant inductor.

The resonant capacitor is from Gateway Electronics, 273J630VDC.

LLC half- bridge switch tube adopts Dongwei OSS60R190JF, NMOS tube, withstand voltage 600V, conductance resistance 190mΩ, and adopts PDFN8*8 package.

Another Dongwei OSS60R190JF close-up.

Close-up of the transformer.

EL 1018 optocoupler for output voltage feedback.

The chip Y capacitor is from Sichuan Teruixiang Technology Co., Ltd., model TMY1102M, with the characteristics of small size and light weight, it is very suitable for high-density power products such as gallium nitride fast charging.

Teruixiang focuses on the research and development, production and sales of passive components, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan . There are two types of independent capacitor brands: SMD TRX and DIP TY capacitors. TRX will devote itself to the research of ceramic materials to expand the application of more categories and provide customers with more solutions.

The charging head network has learned that the Teruixiang SMD Y capacitor has been used by dozens such as Belkin , Anker , QCY , Shengli, Maiduoduo , OPPO , Lenovo , Nubia , Baseus , Hailutong , First Guardian and other brands . It is also used by Igor 40W LED drive power supply , Changhong 42-inch smart network TV 42P3F built-in power supply , Zhuo Feihang 45W Gallium Nitride ultra- fast wall charger and other products, and its performance has been unanimously recognized by customers .

The secondary synchronous rectification controller adopts NXP TEA2095, which is a synchronous rectification controller dedicated to LLC topology with two built-in synchronous rectification driver outputs.

The LLC synchronous rectifier tube is also from Dongwei, model SFS06R06GF, NMOS tube, withstand voltage 60V, PDFN5*6 package.

Close-up of the filter inductor.

At a glance at the output terminals, four filter solid capacitors are located on the motherboard, and there are two more on the small board.

Remove the small board, and there is an MCU on the front.

There are two secondary step-down circuits on the back, and the step-down protocol ICs are blocked by the inductance.


The synchronous rectification output filter solid capacitor adopts Yongming NPX series, the specification is 25V 1000μF. This series of capacitors has the characteristics of small size, low ESR, high allowable ripple current, high reliability, and resistance to switching shocks.


The charging head network has learned that Yongming NPX series solid-state capacitors have been previously used by Anker 30W gallium nitride supercharger , Anker 65W gallium nitride supercharger , Anker 45W gallium nitride supercharger , and flash electrode 100W 3C1A nitrogen Gallium carbide fast charging , Momis 65W 2C1A gallium nitride fast charging , Baseus 45W 1A1C gallium nitride charger , Nubia 65W deuterium front gallium nitride charger and other products are used, and are also used in Xiaoxiaohei , The 20W mini charger of Pinsheng , Bunkers and other brands has been unanimously recognized by customers .


The other two capacitors are from Huarong Weiye, and the specifications are 25V 220μF.


Close-up of MCU without silk screen, used for intelligent distribution of port output power.


The two secondary step-down circuits are exactly the same, and the step-down protocol chips use Zhirong's SW3518S. This is a highly integrated multi-fast charging protocol dual-port charging chip, and has passed the VOOC certification . The chip supports A+C port arbitrary fast charge output, supports dual-port independent current limiting, integrates 5A high-efficiency synchronous buck converter, supports PPS, PD, QC, AFC, FCP, SCP, PE, SFCP, VOOC, etc. Fast charging protocol, maximum output PD100W.


Zhirong SW3518S data information.

dismantling, the charging head network found that Zhirong SW3518S was also used by Asus 65W 2C1A gallium nitride charger , Nubia 65W deuterium front three -port gallium nitride fast charger , Rapoo 65W GaN fast charging , Lvlian 65W 4C-port gallium nitride fast charging charger , Lenovo 90W flash-charging dual-port gallium nitride charger , Hongdashun 120W four-port 2C2A fast charging and other products are used. In addition, Zhirong's fast charging The chip can also be used in USB PD fast charging mobile power supply, fast charging car charger and other fields .


The same is true for the external MOS tube, silk screen 6794, which is used to output synchronous rectification and step-down.


A close-up of another MOS tube.


Close-up of the step-down inductor, jacketed with heat-shrinkable tube insulation.


The secondary filter solid capacitor is from Huarong Weiye, the specification is 25V 220μF.


Close-up of another capacitor.


USB-C female socket , welded vertically, and the black plastic core does not expose copper.


DC output socket .


After all the dismantling is completed, let's take a family photo.

summary of charging head network

The SlimQ 150W GaN charger comes with a wealth of accessories, and the detailed design also enhances the user experience. It comes with American- standard pins, and also comes with British , European and Australian - standard pins, so that it has the confidence to travel around the world without the help of other external accessories, which is very friendly to business people.

In addition, the innovative 2C+DC interface configuration design allows it to meet the charging needs of new and old devices, and the two C ports are compatible with all mainstream fast charging protocols such as Q, AFC, FCP, SCP, PE2.0, PD3.0, and PPS. Both support a maximum output of 100W, and the overall performance is very powerful.

charging head network learned through dismantling that this charger is based on NXP TEA2016AAT+TEA2095 LLC switching power supply solution design with PFC, with Nanowei NV6117 gallium nitride power tube, Tyco Tianrun G5S06506QT silicon carbide diode for PFC boost And rectifier, LLC half bridge and synchronous rectifier are all from Dongwei. The two DC-DC secondary step-down circuits use the Zhirong SW3518S solution. Yongming and Huarong Weiye capacitors are used for filtering, and the overall materials are good.

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