World Smallest 330W Charger
with DC and PD

Designed for gaming laptops, the world's first and smallest 330W
charger with DC and PD ports

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Smaller, lighter and just nicer!

Comes with one DC port that works for all gaming laptops especially those with round barrel power connectors. It is much much smaller and lighter than 330W laptop adapters on the market. So now you can carry your gaming laptop and charger anywhere!

Three ports for 3 devices at once

It has 3 output charging ports, 1 DC port with a maximum power of 330W, and 2 Type C ports with a maximum power of 100W each. The Type C ports support PD3.0 that can fast charging most smartphones.

Fast charging protocols

The two Type C ports support PD3.0, PPS, QC4+, SCP, VOOC, AFC, FCP etc fast charging protocols.

High Tech

It employs the new generation of GaN chips from GaNext which is a global technology leader and GaN component provider. It is also designed with the most efficient architecture and the advanced bridgeless topology, so it reaches the industry highest efficiency of 96.7% (220V) and 95.5% (110V).

Round Barrel DC Converters

Also customize designed DC converters for virtually all gaming laptops from top brands. The converters are designed to pass through high electrical current which is required by those high powered gaming laptops. We even package multiple connectors for a brand so you don't need to find the exact connector dimension for your laptop, all you need to know is your laptop brand.

The campaign is LIVE, order yours on Indiegogo NOW! 

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