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Customized Brands

Customized Brands

Customized Product Personalization Proposal for Adapters 

I. Overview of the Proposal

We offer a product customization service to our customers to meet their unique requirements. In this proposal, customers can provide their own logos or other customization content and enjoy free design services. After sample confirmation, we will proceed with production and delivery. This customization service is available for adapters ranging from 30W, 65W, 100W, 150W, 240W, to 330W.

II. Customization Process 

Customer Provides Logo or Custom Content
Customers are required to provide the logo or other custom content they want to be printed on the adapter. This can include their brand logo, slogan, contact information, or any other specific images or text.

Free Design
Once the customer provides the customization content, our design team will get in touch to ensure a full understanding of their requirements. We offer free design services to ensure that the logo or custom content seamlessly integrates with the adapter and meets the customer's expectations. Design drafts will be submitted to the customer for approval.

Sample Confirmation
After obtaining customer approval of the design drafts, we will produce sample adapters. Customers will receive the adapter samples to ensure the print quality, colors, and placement of the custom content meet their expectations. Customers have the right to review the samples and provide modification suggestions. Once the customer confirms the samples are correct, we will prepare for mass production.

Production and Delivery
After sample confirmation, we will enter the production phase. We will manufacture adapters based on the customer's order quantity, ensuring consistent high-quality production. Upon completion, the products will undergo quality checks and secure packaging before being prepared for shipment.

III. Customization Scope

In this customization proposal, customers can personalize the following products according to their needs:

Exclusive Decals
We will print the customer-provided logo or custom content on the adapter's casing to create a unique appearance. Customers can choose the adapter's color and material to ensure it aligns with their brand style.

Handbag Packaging
If desired, we also offer handbag customization for the adapters. This means the adapter will be placed in a custom handbag featuring the customer's logo or other customized elements. Handbag packaging can enhance the product's appeal and provide additional branding exposure opportunities for the customer.

Please note that the specific details of the customization service may vary depending on the customer's requirements. We will work closely with the customer to ensure their expectations are met.

Through our product customization proposal, customers can obtain unique adapter products tailored to their brand and market needs. We look forward to collaborating with our customers to provide high-quality, personalized adapter products. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact our customer support team.