330W DC to Lenovo Converter Pack


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Lenovo square port (Φ11x4.5mm) converters, a set of 3, support 330W/280W/230W/200W/150W respectively.


  • Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output: 20V⎓16.5A Max(330W)
  • Specification: DC to DC, Female 5.5mm x 2.5mm conversion and connection of DC connectors( Φ11x4.5mm).
  • Compatible with Genuine 330W/280W/230W/200W/150W charger
  • Package includes - 3 x power connector
  • Connector Size: Φ11x4.5mm
  • Suitable Laptop Brand: Lenovo
  • Advantage: High power output, quick connection and disconnection, and disconnection.Works well with SlimQ 330W.

Suitable for

Downward compatible with: 230W/200W/230W/150W

Lenovo ThinkPad R9000P ,9000K ,Y9000K ,Y9000X

Legion 5 Series

330W Compatible with Legion 5 15", Legion 5 Pro, Legion 5 17", 
Legion 5 c-15ARH05H (82B1) 5-17ARH05H 5-15IMH05H (81Y6 82CF) 5-17IMH05H (81Y8) 5-15ACH6H 5-17ACH6H 5-15ITH6H 5-17ITH6H 5-15ITH6 5-17ITH6 5-15ACH6 5-17ACH6 5 -15ACH6A 5-15IMH6 5P-15IMH05 5P-15IMH05H (82AW) 5P-15ARH05H 5Pro-16ACH6H 5Pro-16ACH6 5Pro-16ITH6 5Pro-16ITH6H 5Pro-16IAH7

Legion 7 Series

Legion 7 16".
Legion 7 C7-15IMH05 7-15IMH05 (81YT) 7-15IMHg05 (81YU) S7-15ARH5 S7-15IMH5 S7-15ACH6
Lenovo ThinkStation P340 (30DE 30DF 30DG 30DR 30DS)
Lenovo ThinkPad P70 P71 P72 P73 P50 P51 P53 P40 Y910 Workstation Dock 230W US
Lenovo Ideapad 700-15 Y50-70 P51S Y40-70
Lenovo M80q (11DN 11DQ 11DR 11DS 11EG) M90q (11CR 11DG 11DH 11DJ 11DK 11DL 11EY 11F0)
Lenovo IdeaPad Y900 Y900-17ISK
Lenovo Legion Y540 Y540-15IRH (81RJ 81SX) Y540-15IRH-PG0 (81SY) Y540-17IRH (81Q4)
Lenovo Legion Y545 Y545-PG0 (81T2)
Lenovo Legion Y740 Y740-17IRH (81UG) Y740-17IRHg (81UJ) Y740-15ICHg (81HE) Y740-17ICHg (81HH) Y740-15IRH (81UF) Y740-15IRHg (81UH)
Lenovo Legion Y7000P Y7000 Y7000-2019 (81NS), Y920 Y920-17IKB
Lenovo Yoga A940 A940-27ICB
Lenovo Y9000K Y520-15 G510 Y700-15 Y700-14 E700 Y70017 Y700 R720

Lenovo ThinkPad Legion Y700,Y720,Y7000,E700,E600,R720,Y900,Y920,W550,W540,W540P,W541,W540,W530,T550,Y520,Y50-70,Y530,Y700,Y7000P,R720,Y910,Y920,Y70-70,T440,T440P,P50,P51,P70,P71,
Ideapad Y700,Y720-15lKBZ710,700-15,720-15

330W DC to Lenovo Converter Pack

330W DC to Lenovo Converter Pack