330W DC to MSI Converter Pack


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  • Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
  • Output: 20V⎓16.5A Max(330W)
  • Specification: DC to DC, Female 5.5mm x 2.5mm conversion and connection of DC connectors( USB Tip | 4 Holes).
  • Compatible with Genuine 280W/240W/230W/200W/150W charger
  • Package includes: 2 x power connector
  • Connector Size: USB Tip | 4 Holes
  • Suitable Laptop Brand: MSI, Clevo
  • Advantages: High power output, quick connection and disconnection, and disconnection.Works well with SlimQ 330W.

Compatible with MSI 280W/330W USB Shape Connector Laptops:

  • MSI GE66 GE76 Raider
  • MSI GP66 GP76 Leopard
  • MSI A18-280P1A Laptop
  • MSI Stealth GS77
  • MSI Titan GT76 GT77
  • MSI Raider GE68 GE78
  • MSI GE76 Series Laptop w/3080 Graphics
  • MSI GE66 Series Laptop w/2070 Super Graphics

Compatible with: 240W/230W/200W/150W Laptops

GT80, GT83VR, GT80S. MSI Gaming Laptop: GT62VR , GT63(1080), GT73 (1080), GT75 (1080), GT80 (980/980M/970M SLI), GT83 , WT73 , WT75 ,
Vortex G25 8RE ,
Vortex W25 8RD,
Raider GE76 12th Gen,
Raider GE67HX 12th Gen,
Titan GT77 12th Gen(12UHS/12UGS),ADP-330CB B
MSI GE66 GE76 Raider GP66 GP76 Leopard WE76 WE76-11UX Laptop
Bravo-Series: Bravo 15 Bravo 17 Bravo-15-A4DX

Creator-Series: Creator 15M (Intel 10th Gen)(GeForce RTX) Creator 17M (Intel 10th Gen)(GeForce RTX)

GE-Series: GE62 Apache/GE62 Apache Pro/GE62MVR Apache Pro/GE62VR Apache Pro/GE62VR Apache Pro Camo Edition
GE-Series: GE70 Apache Pro/GE72 Apache/GE72 Apache Pro/GE72MVR Apache Pro/GE72VR Apache Pro

GF-Series: GF62/GF62 7RE/GF62VR GF63/GF63 Thin GF65 Thin GF72VR GF75 Thin

GL-Series: GL62/GL62M/GL62MVR/GL62VR GL72/GL72M

GP-Series: GP60 Leopard/GP60 Leopard Pro GP62 Leopard/GP62 Leopard Pro/GP62MVR Leopard Pro/GP62MVR Leopard Pro 4K/GP62MVRX Leopard Pro/GP62X LEOPARD/GP62X Leopard Pro GP70 Leopard/GP70 Leopard Pro GP72 Leopard/GP72 Leopard Pro GP72MVRX Leopard Pro/GP72MX Leopard Pro GP72VR Leopard Pro/GP72VRX Leopard Pro/GP72X Leopard/GP72X Leopard Pro

GS-Series: GS40 Phantom GS43VR 6RE PhantomPro/GS43VR PhantomPro GS63 Stealth/GS63 Stealth Pro/GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro/GS63VR Stealth Pro/GS63VR Stealth Pro 4K GS65 Stealth/GS65 Stealth Thin GS73 Stealth /GS73 Stealth Pro/GS73VR/GS73VR Stealth Pro 4K GS75 Stealth

GT-Series: GT60/GT60 0NC GT70 Dominator


GV/GX-Series: GV62 GV72 GX60 Destroyer GX70 Destroyer

P/PE/PL-Series: P65 Creator PE60 Prestige PE70 Prestige PL60 PL62

WE/WP-Series: WE62 WE72 WF75 WP65

WE/WF-Series: WE62 WE72 WF75 (Intel 10th Gen) WF75-10TX

WS/WT-Series:WS60/WS60 Workstation WS63 WS65 WS72 Workstation WT60 Workstation 4K

Creator-Series:Creator 15M A10SE-421 Creator 15M A9SE-043 Creator 15M A9SD-037 Creator 17M A10SE-216 Creator-17M-A9SX Creator 17M A9SD-046

GE70/GE72-Series:GE70 Apache Pro-681 GE72 Apache-027 GE72 Apache Pro-029 GE72 Apache Pro-001 GE72 Apache Pro-077

GF62/GF63-Series:GF62 7RE-1452 GF62 8RE-058 GF62VR 7RF-877 GF63 8RD-NE1050Ti GF63 THIN 8SC-029 GF63 THIN 9SC-245
GF65-Series:GF65 Thin 10UE-046 GF65 THIN 10SER-273 GF65 THIN 10SER-459 GF65 THIN 9SE-013 GF65 THIN 9SD-004

GF72/GF75-Series:GF72VR 7RF-651 GF75 Thin 10UEK-048 GF75 Thin 10SEK-246 GF75 Thin 10SCXR-003 GF75 THIN 9SC-027

GL62/GL72-Series:GL62 6QF-628 GL62 6QF-627 GL72 6QF-696 GL72 6QD-001 GL72 6QF-405 GL72M 7RDX-800

GP60/GP62/GP70/GP72-Series:GP60 Leopard-836 GP60 Leopard-1053 GP60 Leopard Pro-825 GP62 Leopard Pro-1275 GP62 Leopard Pro-002 GP62 Leopard Pro-870 GP62MVR Leopard Pro-218 GP70 Leopard-490 GP70 Leopard Pro-486 GP72 Leopard Pro-694 GP72 Leopard Pro-002 GP72 Leopard Pro-495

GS40/GS63/GS65/GS75-Series:GS40 Phantom-001 GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 GS63 Stealth-062 GS63 STEALTH-010 GS63VR Stealth Pro-041 GS63VR Stealth Pro 4K-021 GS65 Stealth-005 GS65 Stealth-296 GS65 Stealth THIN-068 GS73 STEALTH-012 GS75 Stealth-091 GS75 Stealth-237 GT60 2OKWS-674US

GT70/GV62/GX60/GX70-Series:GT70 Dominator-2294 GV62 8RE-015 GV72 8RE-007 GX60 Destroyer-280 GX70 Destroyer-229

P65/PE60/PE70/PL60/PL62P65 Creator 8RF-450 PE60 6QE-1268 PE60 6QE-031US PE70 6QE-692 PE70 6QE-035US PL60 7RD-002 PL62 7RD-017

WF75/WP65/WS60/WS63-Series:WF75 10TK-250 WP65 9TH-263 WS60 2OJ-006US WS60 6QJ-024 WS60 6QJ-025 WS63 8SL-015

WT60-Series:WT60 2OK-1272US WT60 2OK 3K-615US
GS65 Stealth Series:005 004 007 002 006 483 478 296
GS65 Stealth THIN Series:068 053 054 050 051 037 045 259 047
GS75 Stealth Series:091 093 202 089 203 204 205 237 413 249 412
GS63VR STEALTH PRO Series:001 002 034 078 041 068 674 229 230 469 422 4K-228 4K-021 Stealth-252
GS63 STEALTH Series:010 009 062 060 061 GS63 Stealth Pro-016
GV62 Series: 8RE-015 8RE-016 8RD-034 8RC-035 8RD-200 8RE-061
GL62M Series:7RD-032 7RD-056 7RD-058 7RD-265 7RD-625 7RDX-1096 7RDX-1408 7RD-1407
GL62M Series:7RDX-1645 7RDX-2027 7RDX-NE1050i7 7RDX-NE1050i5 7RDX-1646 7RDX-2070
GS73 Stealth Series:012 014 016 GS73 STEALTH PRO-009
GS73VR Stealth Pro Series:060 033 224 225 4K-223
GS43VR PHANTOM PRO Series:069 210 006
GP72VR LEOPARD PRO Series:284 281 GP72VRX Leopard Pro-473
GP72X LEOPARD PRO Series:622 1223 GP72X
LEOPARD Series:621 667
GP62MVRX LEOPARD PRO Series:653 661 699 1264 GP62X LEOPARD PRO-1045 GP62X Leopard-1046
GE72 APACHE PRO Series:044 058
GE62VR APACHE PRO Series:606 466 822 CAMO-644
GL72 Series:7QF-1057 7RD-028 6QF-696 6QF-697 6QF-405 6QD-001
GF62 Series:8RE-058 7RE-1452 7RE-2025 7RE-2096 7RE-1452 7RE-2025 GF62VR Series:7RF-877 7RF 4K-1029
GF63 Series:8RD-066 8RD-088 8RC-264 8RC-248 8RC-249 8RD-NE1050Ti
GF63 Thin Series:8SC-029 8SC-030 9SC-245 9SC-066 9SC-256 9SC-257 9SC-068 9SC-614 9SCX-615 9SC-653 9SC-649 9SC-803 9SC-652
GF75 Thin Series:9SC-027 9SC-278 9SC-287, GT63 GT75 GT73VR GT75VR GT80 GT83 GT83VR WT75 Trident 3 VR7RD VR7RC 9SI 9SH 9SC 8SC 8RD 8RC 12TH 12TC 11TC 10SI 10SC 10SA Vortex W25 G25 GT80 X711
P65 Creator Series:8RF-450 8RF-441 8RF-442 8RE-020 8RD-021
WS65 Series:8SK-476 8SK-431 8SK-622 8SK-623 9TJ-003
WS63 Series:8SL-015 8SL-016 8SK-017 8SK-024 8SJ-018 8SJ-019 7RK-290US 7RK-280US
WS72 Series:6QJ-008US 6QI-026US 6QJ-026US 6QJ-217US 6QI-218US 6QJ-007US
WE62 Series:7RJ-2011US 7RI-2012US 7RJ-1833US 7RJ-1832US 7RJ-1828US 7RI-1861US 7RI-1862US
WE72 Series:7RJ-1082US 7RJ-1083US 7RJ-1032US 7RJ-1210US
GT70 Dominator Series:2294 2295 2293
WS75 Series:9TK-499 9TJ-002 GV72 8RE-007

330W DC to MSI Converter Pack

330W DC to MSI Converter Pack