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About SlimQ


Our Mission

We’re making technology easier for you through one compact and powerful GaN-based charger you will use for your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Our team is wired to revolutionize current charging solutions by removing the need to bring multiple chargers for all your technology needs.

The problem we’re solving

Big, bulky chargers that take up too much space in your bag and in your life. When you’re working with more than one of these gadgets, you’ve likely experienced going to a cafe or reporting on the field with a large bag. Not because you have so much necessary stuff inside it, but because you have chargers and wires you have to carry with your technology.

After all, what’s a powerful laptop or a high-end camera without its charger, right? At SlimQ, we’re redefining the way you charge technology through powerful and compact GaN-based chargers for all your needs.

Powerful GaN-based chargers for laptops, tablets, and smartphones that are compact and lightweight.

Small in size yet big in power. That is how we describe our GaN chargers. We’ve crafted them to keep up with you and what you do with your gadgets.

How we came to be…

The idea was born inside the mind of Derek Liu, our founder and known serial entrepreneur in the tech space. Through his extensive background as a software engineer from Silicon Valley, he’s turned his passion for tech into a brand now servicing people who are in need of more than just the power from a gadget.

Through his efforts, and the equally beneficial efforts of our entire team, SlimQ has built an industry-first 65W charger we released in 2019. Then came our 100W in 2020 and 240W in 2021. We’re all about innovation and we have built a full line of chargers for a wide range of products from small earbuds to powerful high-end gaming laptops and ultrabooks.

We’ve also designed and manufactured add-on accessories that make your experience with our chargers as convenient as possible. Not to mention, our products are patent-protected.

At SlimQ, we’re here to offer real solutions to real problems. Browse through our selection of products and look for the one that will make your gadget offer you convenience like it’s supposed to.